MINI Bows - Purple Peonies // Hair Ties

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Our Stella Bows are the cutest hair accessory for your little one, and now come in MINI size! ♡ 

We know that not all baby hair grows at the same pace. Our regular bows can be just a bit big for those who are just sprouting their gorgeous locks, so these MINI Bow hair ties have been made especially for those teeny tiny sprouts! 🌱

They are half the size of our regular bows with tiny sized elastics, making them the perfect size for one little sprout, or little pigtails or pigtail buns (they are great for holding the buns in place so the hair doesn't spring out!)


♡ MINI Bows come in sets of two. All Hair Ties also come with separate small black elastics.

♡ Gift them or keep them - or both! (Twinning is the cutest!)

♡ Regular sized Stella and Kayla Bows are also available as Nylon Headbands, Clips and Hair Ties in this beautiful fabric. 

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※ Never leave babies or children unsupervised with these items